Good Choice Men 40+

FANCL Good Choice 40’s Men Health Supplement is designed for men after 40 years old. The product is formulated with natural extracts and vitamins that help maintain health and preserve youth.

Each packet contains a comprehensive selection of 7 different dietary supplements to help maintain, strengthen and support healthy functions of the body and promote overall health.

Benefit : Complete nutritive solution for men aged 40-plus. Convenient sachet replenishes over 20 different types of essential nutrients required daily for this age group to ease fatigue and stress, strengthen the body's defence and body reparative functions. Each packet is your complete solution to a healthier life.
Size : 64.4g (7 pieces per pack x 30 packs)
Ingredient : Vitamin A 459 mcg, vitamin D 2.0 mcg, vitamin E 75.0 mg, vitamin B1 13.3 mg, vitamin B2 10.0 mg, niacin 5.0 mg, vitamin B6 13.3 mg, folic acid 67 mcg, vitamin B12 50.0 mcg, biotin 167 mcg, pantothenic acid 10.0 mg, vitamin C 100 mg, calcium 60 mg, magnesium 30 mg, selenium 2.4 mcg, zinc 1.4 mg, inositol 17 mg, vitamin P (hesperidin) 1.6 mg, tea polyphenols (Fuji) 0.5 mg, vegetable lactic acid bacteria 500 million, polyglutamic acid 1 mg, beta-carotene 318 mcg, gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) 14 mg, coenzyme Q10 33 mg, α-tocopherol 50 mg, tocotrienols 1.5 mg, Bacillus natto culture extract 500 mcg, long pepper extract 500 mcg, anthocyanin (derived from blueberries) 21.6 mg, lutein 0.5 mg, maca extract 125 mg (benzyl glucosinolate 0.5 mg).
How to Use : 1 pack per day. Recommended to take after meal.