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Redeem BC Beauty Concentrate Mask (2 Pcs) upon purchase of $250

Redeem BC Beauty Concentrate Mask (2 Pcs) upon purchase of $250 with 12 gift points.

High-efficiency mask loaded with potent reparative essences to deeply freshen and rejuvenate the eye area for a lifted appearance and hydrated skin.

Moisturizes, Strengthens & Reduces Fine Lines
Lotus Root Water contains micro water molecules to deeply penetrate skin and alleviate dryness, leaving nourished and supple skin.

Stimulates Collagen Regeneration
Rose Revitalizing Extract and Grape Bud Extract work intensively to boost density in the eye area to prevent sunken and hollow eye area.

New-Generation Ultra-Fine Fibre Mask
Fibre density remade to fit better, tighter and deliver actives deeper into skin.
Pamper your skin with FANCL Body Care series. Developed for every part of your skin, it is free from preservatives, fragrance and artificial colors, to leave your skin nourished, smooth and supple.

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