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Why Acne Shows Up at Different Spots

The first step to banish them is to understand the causes, as acne pops up in different places for different reasons.

Acne gives many of us a headache and finding a cure isn't easy. If you don’t know the causes behind and find the right solution, it won’t heal properly and might end up getting worse. Different internal and external factors contribute to breakouts, and they also determine where acne shows up.

Where and How Do Acnes Crop Up?


When your forehead breaks out, it means something is wrong with your lifestyle habits or blood circulation. For example, bad habits such as having an inconsistent schedule, lack of sleep, stress, anxiety, short temper, and consuming high-calorie food regularly can all cause breakouts.


Acne that shows up on your temple means you’ve been eating too much processed food. These foods are made with large amount of chemicals, additives and fat. Consuming too much fat can cause breakouts easily.


Acne usually forms around the hairline due to a build-up of dirt. It’s easy to leave the hairline when we take off makeup on our face. When your makeup remover does not remove makeup thoroughly, or when you leave shampoo or conditioner behind in hairline, it can build up debris and clog pores, which result in breakouts.

Tip of Nose:

When you find acne on the tip of your nose, that means your digestive system is having trouble digesting properly.

Wing of the Nose:

This area is prone to oil secretion. If you don’t clear excess oil and dirt in pores thoroughly when removing makeup, nor use oil-control skincare products, oil and debris will easily build up and clog pores.

Left Cheek:

When acne crops up on the left cheek, it might mean there’s something wrong with your liver or blood circulation. It’s particularly easy to have this kind of acne during summer as the body is in constant heat all the time.

Right Cheek:

Acne on right cheek is related to the lungs. Those who have breakouts in this area usually have a dry throat and coughs with lots of mucus.

Around lips:

When acne shows up around the lips, it's possibly related to constipation and poor detox mechanism, which causes toxins to build up in the body. Besides, not removing lip makeup properly can cause dirt to build up and results in break out.


Many women suffer from breakouts around the chin when they’re on their period. The underlying cause is hormones fluctuation, which leads to endocrine disorder.

Care For Acne-Prone Skin

No matter what the causes of your acne are, it’s important to take care of them carefully. Make sure you cleanse your face and remove makeup thoroughly, and go for skincare products that gently take care of acne-prone skin and combat breakouts. If you don't pay attention carefully, you’ll be plagued by breakouts constantly and even have acne scars left behind, which are a lot harder to fix.