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Losing Weight To Stay Healthy

We all like to eat! If you enjoy your meat dishes, hot pots or desserts, here are some useful seasonal tips.

When festive times are here, it is normal to eat a lot of great food and crave a big feast. But of course, the regret comes after the holidays when our weight goes up like crazy! Let’s all learn about some smart food choices to stay lean, especially if you like meat dishes, hotpots and desserts.

Here are some top tips for meat lovers: Cut down on fat and cholesterol intake with broccoli, cabbage and bitter gourd. You can choose mushrooms which are high in protein and provide a firm texture to satiate your appetite for meat.

If you are a hot pot fanatic, listen here: Vegetables and fruits with high levels of potassium, such as bananas, tomatoes, potatoes, celery, and spinach, can help balance out the excessive intake of salt. Go for these green choices at your next hot pot or meal!

For dessert lovers: Root vegetables such as potatoes and pumpkin come with a natural sweet taste. When served with a low-protein meat like chicken, they could satisfy your craving for sugar and offer full feeling from refined starches in one go.