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0 Preservatives, 100% Beauty with Jocelyn Chan

Backed by science and staying true to its zero preservatives philosophy, FANCL has been dedicated to formulating skincare and products that are free from irritating preservatives and chemicals ever since.

Watch the video above as FANCL Ambassador Jocelyn Chan reveals the secret to 100% Beauty.

Read on to also find out how FANCL 0 Preservatives promise you 100% Beauty!

By eliminating unnecessary additives like preservatives, fragtrances and artificial colourings, FANCL's 0 Preservatives products are made with only the purest ingredients to maximise their benefits.

Every drop of our essence is guaranteed to be fresh, highly active and free of preservatives, so your skin benefits 100% from our nourishing formula.

Formulated with no preservatives, your skin's collagen structure is kept intact so your skin remains supple at all times.

FANCL 0 Preservatives products help strengthen the protective power and barrier of your skin, making it less prone to inflammation.

Preservatives in skincare can stimulate melanin production, and FANCL prevents dull skin skin woes with its 0 preservatives stance.

By going zero preservatives, your skin is protected - even on cellular level for better, nourishing results, preventing skin cells from aging!

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