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7 Secrets to Looking Younger

Everyone wants to look younger than their real age. Turning back the clock could be easier than you think ― just follow these 7 secret tips!

1/ Actively Relieve Stress
Chronic stress is detrimental to our physical and mental states. If you want to stay young, relieving stress is utmost important. Find a way to reduce stress regularly, such as exercising or going out for karaoke with friends.

2/ Pump Up the Collagen
Red meat, fish and dairy products are rich in amino acids and collagen peptides to rebuild skin and connective tissue, as well as beneficial saturated fats, Vitamin B12 and DHA/EPA. But avoid processed meats like sausages and bacon, which are high in sulfites, preservatives and puffiness-inducing sodium. Supplement with a daily collagen beauty drink like Tense up to plump up your skin.

3/ Eat the Colors of the Rainbow
Red, purple and blue fruit and veg such as berries have anthocyanins and other flavonoids that are strongly antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, while yellow or green-pigmented foods are high in vitamin C. Even red shrimp have an abundance of the antioxidant astaxanthin. All these help to fight against the free radicals inside our body and slow down the aging processes.

4/ Get Your Beauty Sleep
Our body cells repair themselves at night as we sleep and produce hormones to slow down aging. When you get enough sleep, you’ll look younger and more energized. So don’t sacrifice sleep for anything!

5/ Relaxation Exercises Matter
It’s important to make exercise a habit, but too much rigorous exercising can cause the body to produce excessive free radicals that would speed up aging. Get sufficient rest between strenuous cardio workouts, and get enough protein for your muscles to recover.

6/ Sun Protection is Key!
UV rays can damage collagen and trigger free radical production. It’s one of the culprits behind aging, so it’s important to wear sun protection all year around.

7/ Maintain a Stylish Image
Primers, highlighters, blur sticks and skin or lip plumper can make you look younger. And so can dressing in style ― you’ll feel younger at heart and more confident when your outfits suit you and fit well. So work on your style and score compliments wherever you go!