Beauty Talk | The FANCL Guide

Long Hours of Wearing Face Mask?

Are you experiencing the following skin concerns recently? They might be caused by prolonged hours of wearing face mask!

Redness & Irritated Skin
Breakouts & Clogged Pores
Excessive Sebum Production

Prolonged hours of wearing face mask can trap heat, increase humidity and create friction on the skin, which causes reddish and irritated skin as well as excessive sebum secretion, resulted in breakouts and clogged pores. Here are some tips to care for your skin after wearing face mask!

1. Wash your face before and after wearing a face mask
After washing your hands, wash your face thoroughly before and after wearing a mask

Double cleanse your skin immediately after wearing mask with MCO Mild Cleansing Oil and Facial Washing Powder to remove dirt and impurities build-up in pores, while retaining moisture in the skin.

2. Do not skip skin care!
Moisture on skin ease abrasion and friction cause by face mask.

Purify and detox skin after-mask.
After cleanse, detox skin with Yogurt Facial Treatment and Pore Cleansing Pack for a deep cleansing care. Complete your pore care with Pore Essence to tighten pores and prevent excess sebum production.

Purify your skin with FANCL Basic Care Series to replenish skin's daily nutrients and fortify your skin's defense with FANCL Moisturizing Mask and Moisturizing Essence!

3. Replace/Wash your face mask after each use
Reduce exposure to germs and dust by replacing a new face mask (disposable) / wash your face mask (reuseable) after each use.

4. Avoid applying makeup under face mask
Trapped heat can cause makeup particles to clog pores.